The best of Sri Lanka’s fruits!

When you first say Sri Lanka, you think of tropical fruits of course (this might be for foodies only…)!

Here’s a list of the fruits we tried during our last vacation there in December, from my favorite ones to the one fruit that I hated (yes, such thing exists).

Start with the coconut water!

Start with the coconut water! 

King coconut picture

… And ready to enjoy!

Thambili – King Coconut

On our first boat ride, in Beruwala, we tried the king coconut. Oh my God, that’s a delicious fruit! The vendor will make some holes in it first and you drink the coconut water with a straw, then the vendor will cut it for you and make you a spoon out of the peel so you can eat the flesh. It is very different from the coconut we know and oh-how-yummier!

Did I mention that you can add some rum to it? 😀

cut King coconuts picture

Oh… And the mess we left behind us


Pineapples were always available. We were having them for breakfast and for dinner. Beruwala’s pineapples were not that special, but the ones we had in everywhere else were amazing. The best ones we had were the ones we bought from the local market in Kandy. For 1$, you get a baby pineapple cut and ready to eat.

Red pineapple in a Spice garden

Red pineapple in a Spice garden

We also discovered the red pineapples (we didn’t have the chance to try them though). Apparently, these are the pineapples that help people lose weight, and not the regular ones. Bad news for you?!


My sister and I ordered an avocado salad in a restaurant. That was the best avocado I ever had! What a buttery feeling, what an amazing flavor! And then you ask yourself what the hell are those avocadoes they sell in here? 😦

Avocado salad picture

The best of the best


Even though it was not mango’s season, we found some delicious mangoes on a street cart. Yeah, we had some “Are you out of your mind” looks from people with us on the tour, but the mangoes were worth anything!

We were able to find some mangoes in the market as well, but they were not as good as the first ones we tried. And guess what? For 1 dollar, you can have 4 small mangoes. Hmmm!


A boring fruit, you say? Well, we’ve tried more than 5 new kinds including red bananas and small bananas, and they’re really good. All of them. And when fried, they’re delicious!


A new fruit that I never knew existed. Raw and ripe, we were told that it tastes like a cross between mango and pineapple: I was not very impressed.

Jackfruit on a tree picture

Jackfruit on a tree

But the surprising fact is that young jackfruit is used as a vegetable for cooking, and I’ve read that it tastes like pulled pork. Huh?!

... and an open jackfruit

… and an open jackfruit (source:


I am not a big fan of papaya, but everyone agreed that papayas were good. They were also available in almost every buffet we went to. So if you’re a fan, and you’re heading there, they should be on your list!

A small Banana, Nellis and pineapple (with some other delicacies as well)

A small Banana, Nellis and pineapple (with some other delicacies as well)

Other fruits

In addition, there were guavas, passion fruits, rambutans, watermelons, in addition to a small bitter fruit, “nelli”, that I hated and could not eat. Seriously, how can anyone eat something that sour and bitter? Erghhh