Meet the blogger!

So I am finally starting what I should’ve done a long time ago.

My blog is officially launched today.

First, let me explain why it took me that long to do it. I admit that I wanted to do it for a while, but I always had very little time, and the alternative was there: my website.

I am the managing editor of Atyab Tabkha food website. No, I   don’t own the website, but I call it “my website” because I have always felt that it was part of me. I was there, almost alone, when it was launched, I worked very hard on the content; I put all my recipes in it. I saw it growing, and I want to see it become the #1 Arabic Food website. We still need some time to do it, but I am confident we will get there.

Strawberry and chocolate twix cake

A little creation that I am so proud of

Today, more than two years after the launch, the website does not represent me anymore. It is the result of the work of a hard-working team, and the creativity of hundreds of talented housewives who are sharing their know-how with us on a daily basis.

For that, I can start my own blog today. Plus, I don’t want to limit it to food. I will be sharing my recipes of course, and some products or restaurants reviews, but I also want to be able to publish anything else that might interest me – and you, of course.

Who am I?

That's a good pic of me :)

That’s a good pic of me 🙂

For those who don’t know me, I am a 27-year old foodie who’s had an interesting & uncommon career till now.

I studied journalism and worked in several newspapers, magazines and websites. I also had a job as a media monitor for the 2009 Lebanese elections. I started my Masters in Human Resources when I was unemployed, and was recruited few weeks later by a food start-up.

I did not take it seriously in the beginning. Cooking has always been a passion to me, but working in a food website didn’t seem as a convincing career… and I think most of the people surrounding me still think this way.

Today, I am happy to be able to work in a field I love, and I am proud of what I achieved with my team. There’s nothing more rewarding than people telling you that they just love your website, or that they’ve tried some of the recipes you were promoting!

I think I will never work in the HR field. But this is no problem for me. The fees were huge, of course, but the courses introduced me to both business and HR fields, with which I was never been familiar. I can now understand how a company works, and I believe I can manage my team in a better way. I can at least understand the difference between a leader and a manager, and aspire to become a leader one day!

My interests

Cooking makes me happy – I enjoy eating good food as well. Knowing that people are enjoying my food makes me even happier.

I don’t have a favorite cuisine, and I am not afraid of trying new things.

Aside from cooking, I love reading, music and dancing and I am a big fan of wine and whiskey.


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